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Storyteller, Wanderer, Pharmacist. Just your regular person fumbling through life
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‘Leftover’ women. Quite a derogatory term, isn’t it? Directly translated from the Chinese character ‘剩女’, this term refers to any unmarried woman above 27. Western culture would consider this phenomenon crazy. In the UK, 35.7 years old was the average age women were married in 2017 (38 for men). Globally, marriage age is increasing. This includes China, which still holds strong views about women being married at a young age (early 20s).

In 2010, women in China were on average around 22 when they were married but this has increased to 25.7 average age in 2017. As more and more…

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“Teach a man how to fish, and you feed him for his lifetime”.

This is part of an old Chinese proverb that perfectly summarizes why we receive an education. When we obtain knowledge, we can use it to benefit ourselves without relying on others.

We spend time thinking intensely about our own education but pay little attention to the education of others. At university, I noticed that international Asian students excelled at science but struggled with group work. Looking further into it, I realised how different the education systems were between China and the UK.

Western creativity

I’ve been schooled in the…

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Having no background in finance whatsoever, I never imagined myself investing. It was a concept so abstract to me that had no idea where to begin.

It took me a month to fully understand the differences between a trader or investor. Investing and trading is not like the ‘high-speed thrill of the markets’ we’re exposed to in films, where numbers, indicators and candlesticks emphatically flash left, right and center (unless you day trade).

It’s rarely the exhilarating adrenaline rush you get from a rollercoaster ride. …

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We all need a break. As we are whisked away from university to our first job to the next job to the next in a never-ending cycle, we all experience burnout and just want to ‘get away from it all’.

You’ll ask yourself: Should I go travelling?

The simple answer is Yes.

Why not? There’s nothing wrong with travelling purely for ‘fun’ but with a small shift in mindset, travelling is also a multi-dimensional learning experience and an opportunity to develop personally and professionally.

Make it worthwhile

I like to do things for a purpose. Yes, I occasionally binge through a TV series…

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When you step inside a pharmacy, almost all the medicines you see are in tablet and liquid form. Yet in hospitals, these identical medicines are seen in injection form. Why?

Every medicine is developed for a specific therapeutic benefit but the same drug in a different form can change the clinical outcome.

If the drug is identical, how does changing the form alter your body’s response to the drug?

1. Pharmacokinetics: Bioavailability and first-pass metabolism

Pharmacokinetics is a fancy way of saying ‘what the drug does to the body’.

Tablets are the most common drug form (formulation) in the world and for good reason. They are…

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This time 3 years ago, I was completing my final set of exams in university.

I’m not a competitive person, but I often found I was comparing myself with others. When exam results are out, you are curious to see what marks your friends achieved. Outside of study, we are social media fiends, glued to our screens for the latest updates to people’s lives.

Though intriguing at first, all of this ultimately ends with the same outcome: You feel sh*t about yourself.

Since graduating, I never realised how different my life would become. The friends I had lunch with every…

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Tablets form a staggering proportion of all available medicines. These little, white pills can cure diseases, relieve symptoms and prolong life. Most tablets have been around for decades and exist in two versions: branded and generic.

We first need to understand the difference between a branded and a generic medicine. A generic medicine is the name of the active pharmaceutical ingredient that provides the clinical benefit i.e. treats the condition. Branded medicines are names given to the drug by the pharmaceutical company which manufactures the drug. To illustrate, ibuprofen is the generic name and Nurofen would be the brand name.

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How long have you been at your current job?

The ‘traditional’ view that job loyalty should be upheld and reflects on your character is an outdated sentiment. One-quarter of young employees will have worked five jobs by the age of 35. Does this make them bad people? No.

University graduates are no longer the esteemed few but instead the overwhelming norm. As the working class expands and work opportunities shrink, new graduates are expected to accrue new skills and adapt to new environments in very short spaces of time.

Whether job-hopping is to blame for this or not, here are…

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I am a British Born Chinese, otherwise known as a BBC — born in the UK, parents born in China. There are millions like me.

For the most part, it’s great. I’m influenced by two cultures, speak both languages and it makes me more conscientious of other cultures.

Of course, there are downsides.

If you’re like me, either you’ll have noticed it, experienced it, or will experience it but whether you identify yourself as BBC, ABC (American Born Chinese) or CBC (Canadian born Chinese), these 3 struggles resonate with anyone who has a different ethnicity and nationality.


Each culture has…

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One of the biggest changes in this pandemic has been peoples’ perception of working culture. With spikes in unemployment, furlough schemes, and business closures, the ‘safe and stable’ full-time job illusion has been shattered.

People have woken up to a cruel reality check: job security is not as secure as you think.

This is not all bad news. More people are realizing over-reliance on one source of income is not enough. Instead, people including myself, are now exploring secondary sources of income — AKA a side hustle.

Whether this is through investing, blogging or content creation, a mass influx of…

Notations in C

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