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Storyteller, Wanderer, Pharmacist. Just your regular person fumbling through life


  • Antonella Perazzoni

    Antonella Perazzoni

    EFL teacher, EN>SP/ PT>SP translator, Python newby.

  • Sara Moton

    Sara Moton

    Creative, Entrepreneur, Marketer, Solution-seeker | You can find me walking my pet fish

  • Todd Berner

    Todd Berner

    Todd Berner is a pharmaceutical expert with a focus on improving outcomes through patient advocacy, particularly when it comes to rare diseases.

  • BichoDoMato


    UNIK CONTENT PROMISE • I want to stimulate language learning • Kick off your writing expression • Jolt you for a good chuckle.

  • Pushkar Anand

    Pushkar Anand

    Business Analyst by profession. Dreaming big. Exploring world viewpoints. Follow Chelsea FC. Japanophile. Love Sushi.

  • Olivia Louise Dobbs

    Olivia Louise Dobbs

    Aspiring ecologist with a love for educational & technical writing. Curriculum developer and author.

  • Robert D. Carver

    Robert D. Carver

  • Chauncey Simmons

    Chauncey Simmons

    Hello, I like writing about health and fitness. I also dabble in fictional stories that have important life lessons

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