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  • What you seek is seeking you.

    What you seek is seeking you.

    Writer, podcaster, amateur standup comic, and curious mind.

  • Natasha Adam

    Natasha Adam

    Student and Employee during the day. Blogger when there is no writer’s block. I talk about cryptocurrency, technology, business and careers.

  • Fabiana Palano

    Fabiana Palano

    Quit a corporate job in Italy and started a fashion business in New York City. I travel, I write and I take stunning photos.

  • Billy Jones

    Billy Jones

    I'm just a retired long-haul trucker who exchanged his rig for pen, paper, and keyboard. Read more at http://Wackemall.com

  • Vanessa Hinojosa

    Vanessa Hinojosa

    Picture a world where there's always action, drama, a musical sequence, and an ending that's either really good or really bad. That's every day of my life.

  • Suzanne Erickson

    Suzanne Erickson

    Certified copywriter. Curious Millennial. Psychology enthusiast. I talk about all things mental health, productivity, travel and lifestyle. BSc. Psychology.

  • Carrie. A. Kelly

    Carrie. A. Kelly

    Top Writer. I write about travel, writing, Medium & self. I run & edit a few publications. I vlog & I love Haikus🤓 https://linktr.ee/cakelly

  • Stephen Moore

    Stephen Moore

    Editor at Index / Medium • Columnist at Marker • Open for work: stephen@sjmblog.com

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